Sales Bootcamp

Free 1-Week Part-Time Bootcamp for anyone looking to earn a job in tech sales.

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"Sales Bootcamp’s training and mentorship earned me a job at Amazon. I wouldn’t have been able to get this position without them and their program."

Mark, Sales Development Rep, Amazon

Sales Bootcamp is offering a Free 1-Week Part-Time Bootcamp for anyone looking to earn a job in tech sales.

Our Free Sales Bootcamp includes:
- Online sales training
- Sales assignments and assessments
- Personalized 1:1 live coaching session
- Online office hours
- Job application training
- Interview preparation

No fees. No deposit. No % of your salary.

Sales Bootcamp is designed to transform individuals with little or no technology sales background into world-class prospectors and revenue generators.

*After your training and certification is complete you will have the opportunity to apply for our exclusive Sales Fellowship program or be introduced directly to our hiring partners.*
We're here to help you earn a job in sales

Your Instructor

James Nielsen
James Nielsen

James is the Founder and CEO of Sales Bootcamp. He's built and led Sales Developement teams at top technology companies. At Sales Bootcamp he's proud to lead a team of instructors to deliver the highest quality content possible to make all students successful!


Course Curriculum

"I worked in a couple different industries right after college but I always wanted to move to San Francisco and try to get a job in tech. Sales Bootcamp gave me the training I needed to earn my first job as an SDR. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in earning a job in tech."

Nina Miller, Sales Development Representative at Shutterstock


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The 1-Week Free Bootcamp Work?
The 1-Week Free Bootcamp includes five days of specific lectures. Each lecture has specific videos, multiple choice questions, content, and follow-up homework assignments. Once you have completed the 1-Week Free Bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to get 1:1 coached with our team and have the opportunity to apply for our paid Sales Fellowship.
Does Sales Bootcamp Assist With Job Placement?
Yes. We work with all our students to help them land roles with tech companies in our hiring network. You must enroll in the 1-Week Free Bootcamp for our team to help with any job placements.
Is The Bootcamp Really Free?
Yes. The 1-Week Free Bootcamp is completely free. We also offer a fellowship for students that complete the 1-Week Free Bootcamp. The paid fellowship is in-person with our partner companies. There will never be any fees. Never any deposits. You'll never owe us a % of your salary.
How Long Does It Take To Complete The Bootcamp?
The Free Online 1-Week Bootcamp is completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. It typically takes students 5 days to complete.
Do You Offer In-Person Training Programs?
Once you complete the Free 1-Week Online Bootcamp, you may have the opportunity to join one of our partner companies in a paid fellowship.

"After graduating college, I needed a job and I had a vague sense of what sales entitled and no clue how to actually get experience and land a entry-level sales role. Ryan quickly taught me the concept of a sales pipeline/funnel. Being able to develop a solid workflow that was metrics driven allowed me to effectively and quickly land a job. Now I am using those same skills to manage my workload in a highly productive manner and hit the ground running with my new role."

Charles Tillinghast, Inside Sales Representative, Qumulo